Alankomaat / Netherlands

Radio Oranje was a wartime resistance programme from London, as was the case with so many occupied countries. Scheveningen Radio near Haag was an important coast radio communicating with vessels on sea. The development of internet and satellite communications have made coast stations largely obsolete and many countries have stopped HF broadcasts.


Radio Andorra and Sud Radio were popular entertainment stations in the era when most European countries had a government monopoly radio. In the 1980s many countries finally permitted private commercial stations and the old international stations lost their market. This stamp commemorates the closure of Radio Andorra.


Argentine cover commemorates the 50th anniversary of wireless postal service in South Orkneys. Even today wireless, in form or another, is the way of communication with remote and sparsely populated corners of the world.


Another way to keep in touch with the mainland was international shortwave broadcasting. Australian foreign service Radio Australia was the most important source of information in Pacific. Norfolk Island wanted to celebrate it as well.

Belgia / Belgium

Card to Dutch pirate Radio Veronica, 1964. Jeannette from Antwerpen requests Cliff Richard's The Young Ones. On the picture side a Nordmende transistor radio, suitable for Veronica listeners.





A Christian station HCJB was founded by American missionaries in Ecuador in 1931. It became one of the strongest shortwave stations in the whole world. "The Voice Of Andes" also relayed the programs of Radio Nacional del Ecuador, that didn't have a shortwave station. HCJB transmitted in numerous languages, for example in German and Swedish.

Viro / Estonia

Espanja / Spain

Etelä-Afrikka / South Africa

Hollannin Antillit / Netherlands Antilles

Intia / India

Irlanti / Eire

Islanti / Iceland

Iso-Britannia / Great Britain



Itävalta / Austria

Japani / Japan

Jugoslavia / Yugoslavia

Kamerun / Cameroon

Kanada / Canada

Kiina / China

Kolumbia / Colombia

Komorit / Comores



Luxemburg / Luxembourg


Meksiko / Mexico


Neuvostoliitto / Soviet Union

Norja / Norway

Puola / Poland

Ranska / France

Ruotsi / Sweden

Saksa / Germany


Suomi / Finland

Surinam / Suriname

Sveitsi / Switzerland

Tanska / Denmark


Munchen 19.5.1973. In IBRA 1973 philatelic exhibition was introduced a Telefunken mail sorting machine. Demonstration mail was stamped with a Telefunken stamp. Only available at the philatelic exhibition. Very rare.

Tsekkoslovakia / Czechoslovakia


Vatikaani / Vatican

Wallis & Futuna

YK / United Nations (Wien)

Yhdysvallat / United States